Thursday, October 14, 2010


I will try and post a story about one dog as often as I can so you all can get to know some of these wonderful dogs that are looking for homes.
I have already taken one yellow lab, Simon, to foster. However, yesterday while I was volunteering to transport some dogs from Polk County Animal Hospital to a foster home in St. Cloud, I ended up taking a 2nd dog to foster. As soon as I saw Cocoa I was immediately drawn to her.
Cocoa is a shepherd/lab mix that is about 5 years old and was born with entropion to both of her eyes. Entropion is the inward folding of the eyelid. Which means, everytime Cocoa opens her eyes it feels like her eyeballs are being scratched. When I first saw her I thought she didn't have any eyes because she had them completely closed and they looked sealed shut. I couldn't believe this poor little girl had to live with this pain. I immediately started calling some vets to see how much it would cost if I paid out of my pocket to get her the surgery needed to fix her eyelids as soon as possible. Altamonte Veterinary Hospital, which works closely with A New Beginning, was able to give me the best price.
Cocoa is such a sweet dog that just wants love and attention. Please consider making a monetary donation to help offset some of the costs of Cocoa's surgery as well as many of the other dogs that have medical needs that need to be taken care of. Cocoa is still looking for a forever home. If you are interested email

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