Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why are our Adoptable Dogs NOT Free??

A lot of people have complained about adoption fees for rescued dogs. Please read below to try and understand why rescues such as ANB must charge an adoption fee...
  1. Rescues have learned that people do not value something that is free and/or easy to get and consider it more easily disposable.
  2. Ethical rescues spay or neuter, give shots, heartworm test, and provide a loving home for these dogs while they wait for their forever family. Keep in mind that rescues are not funded with tax dollars to pay these expenses but are private organizations operated by volunteers and from donations. Adoption donations do not cover all expenses with many of the dogs but do help to defray the cost. Consider if you were to take a dog to the vet to be altered, health checked, heartworm tested, brought up to date on shots, etc. What would this cost you?
  3. There are always people looking to take "free" dogs to be used for laboratory research, fight bait for larger dogs or even the next meal on their table. Hopefully our process helps to keep this from happening.

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